Saturday, November 15, 2014

i took a spill on the tiger the other day...

and here's the result.

my new hardware

still not totally sure how it happened. some think it might have been oil on the road, some think cold tires as i was only a mile or so from my house on a cold morning. either way, same result. i went into a turn and was setting up for the stoplight ahead but before i could do anything, i was sliding on the road. a sidewalk stopped my slide and just about took my foot off. i wish i had xrays from before surgery, but i don't. you can see some of the pics on my flickr but i'll let you click into that if you want.

Some of the damage my skin would have taken. This is why you wear leather.

i had all my gear on and my jacket definitely saved my skin, but i will be investing in a pair of taller riding boots before i get back on. if you ride, wear your gear. it can happen at any time.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

butternut triumph!

i've been traveling a ton for work, so i've been pretty swamped. but i couldn't resist adding this special edition triumph tiger to my collection. she is an absolute blast!

and i couldn't resist this photo op.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

cold motorcycles

it's been too damn cold to take pictures... too damn cold to do pretty much anything. (i think it's -2 out there right now. literally.) but every once in a while i get out in the garage to work on my xs650 build. and since it's been so long, here's what my garage looks like right now.

and as a recap here's what the xs650 looked like when i first got her

and here's what she looked like after a long 4 day build.

and here's what she looks like now. very early into her scrambler transformation.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

fujifilm fp-3000b on a cold day

here are a few recent shots i took with my Polaroid on some Fujifilm fp-3000b. this is my favorite film and it's soon to be discontinued! the only other choice for my Land Camera is Fujifilm's fp-100c which is color and needs a ton of light. i've been trying to stock up on the stuff but maybe, just maybe, you could sign this petition and maybe, just maybe, fujifilm will keep making the stuff. it's worth a shot.

Stop the discontinuation of fuji 3000b

my garage

my house in the snow

my street

one tree

two tree

christmas tree